NAS Multiplex

If you ever tried to add multiple shares from a root share in the new Veeam B&R v10, you might have noticed that you have to map them one by one. During beta, I already experimented with some sample code how to add those shares in bulk. So for the GA, I decided to build a GUI around it.

First of all you can find the script on https://github.com/veeamhub/powershell/tree/master/BR-NASMultiplex .

So after that, it is just a matter of running the script by clicking it and say "run with powershell". You might need to change your execution policy if you downloaded it. Also make sure to run this on the backup server as it load the VeeamPSSnapin in the background

So let's look at an example. In my lab, there is a server with 4 shares, share1, share2, share 3 and share 4. Before running the script, 2 are mapped and added to 1 job

Now when you start NASMultiplex, you can select that job, and select one of the shares as a template or a sample for the newly created shares. Basically the new shares will be added with all the settings of the sample share.

"Base" is basically a prefix field. In the big field below, you can see that per line,  a share can be added (e.g share3 and share4). The concats base+share to form the full path. It does just concatenate the strings so you could either choose to have base ending in "\" or if you don't you must add the separator in front of every share.

Finally there is "Altpath". If you're sample share has storage snapshots enabled, it show you the pattern it use to fill in the storage alternate path for the new share. {0} will be replace with base and {1} will be replaced with the share name. So for this example, share 3 would become \\\share3\.snapshot . If altpath is disabled, than it should mean that your sample share uses VSS snapshots or just direct copy

When you are ready to go, click add shares and the script will run in the background until a popup appears

Add that point, the shares should be added to the system and to the job

Final notes: This has only been tested with SMB so with NFS it might not work, but it should be pretty easy to get it fixed if it doesn't. It was also built in one evening so would be great to hear your feedback, what does work and what definitely doesn't work