Make your own tags in Veeam Backup & Replication

Very common question is how do you scale a fix proxy pool to certain jobs. If you are talking about proxies towards repositories, you can use proxy affinity (a cool feature that not a lot of people seem to know about).

But if you want to do some more custom things? This has been playing in my head for a long time and it turns out it is fairly seems simple to setup. First things first, add a tag to the description in the form of [location:mylocation]. Why the location specifier? Because you might want to add different tags (e.g jobtype, production level, etc.), if you want to use the grouping mechanism for other purposes

Here are some examples in my lab

Then you can the following script/gist . The script could be a bit more generic, that's why it made more sense to just add it as a gist. The output is fairly simple.

Here is where Powershell group-object really shines. It is really easy to group certain objects together and then just loop over the targeting object without having to re-filter over and over again. The regex should be fairly simple if you want to do another grouping

Hope it is an inspiration to other people