Ubuntu 9.10 and dell 5100cn

We have this nice dell 5100cn laser color printer. It's big and prints fast and a lot. One of my requirements for switching to ubuntu at work was that I could print. I first tried to use default ppds like the driver for the 3100cn or the postscript driver... not all with big success.

Today I was wondering, wouldn't dell have drivers for Linux (read ppds). They must have them cause they sell laptops with ubuntu on. Looking on the website I only found and rpm for redhat 4. Being a small package I decided to download it.

Next step was looking into the package. Using the archive manager in ubuntu i found under /usr/share/cups/model/Dell/ a custom ppd. Joy joy. I placed the ppd under /etc/cups/ . Next I went to my printer settings in gnome and added a new printer. I ofcourse selected custom ppd in the wizard and voila it was installed. Printing at first was not a success. It seems that the driver by default selects the format for printing on envelopes. Changing it to A4 as the default media size in printer options (right click the printer > properties > printer options ) solved the problem.

Btw i extracted the PPD and uploaded here. Use Save as ;)

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