Veeam File Restore and Permissions (II)

In this second post we will look at Linux guest file restores via Veeam B&R. During this test I encountered some problems because of missing packages/firewall rules on Centos. I will discuss them in the third post.

 Again we have created a special file on a Linux VM called centos02. The file is "with_permissions.txt" and is owned by a user/group eskimo. We also chmod'ed it with "266" permissions (which doesn't make any sense but is just for the test)

We proceed by creating a backup of the Linux VM. If we launch the Other Guest File Restore wizard, Veeam will automatically deploy a small FLR appliance which will read the disk. This is all transparant for the user and when it is done, the file browser will pop up

With Linux there is only one option "Copy to". When you select it, you can see a similar "Preserve" option. However you can not select it. This is because you need to add the Linux server first to B&R.

To do this, go to the Backup Infrastructure section. There add a new server to your managed servers. At the bottom you can select to add a Linux server.

The wizard is rather easy so just add the IP, Name and credentials and you should be all set up.

If you did this successfully, you should see your server added to the managed server. In my case I added the server ""

Now if you go back to the Guest file restore wizard, you can select your server in the Server destination field. If you do this, you should be able to now select the "Preserve" option. Then browse the Linux server to select your destination

In this case I selected to restore to /home/eskimo/recovery. Make sure to select the "Preserve" option

If you then click the restore option, the file should be restored successfully.

If we check the permissions in the recovery directory, we can see that the file is successfully restored. You can see that the file has an 266 permission ACL and is owned by eskimo user/group.

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