Cheapass Host Profile

Small project I am working on. It is java based, so you will need to install it (see the previous post on howto use the cheapass host profile on your vma)

Cheapass host profile isn't a full replacement for Host profile. Instead it allows you to create one xml with a lot of setting in it which you can the use to generate host specific configuration scripts. You can download the package from https://sites.google.com/site/tendertechie/home/chp.tar.gz?attredirects=0&d=1

When you download the tar you will need to extract it using the following command
tar -xzvf chp.tar.gz
This will create a subdirectory cheaphostprofile. Enter it by executing
cd cheaphostprofile

In the directory there a two important things. First of all the config.xml. This is an example xml of all possible "configurations" at this point. The xml is quite easy to understand. The other thing in the directory is the run script. If you run this command a script directory should be generated with a script for each esx host you specified and a runall script to run all the other scripts. Execute it by executing the following command

In the backend, the cheaphostprofile is just a "wrapper" around fmpp. This is a template engine. The added value of cheaphostprofile is the preconfigured template for a script executable in a vMA. For more information about the fmpp, go to there website (lmgtfy). The template is under chp/src/autoconfig.cfg .

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