Installing jre on vMA

Title says it all! I needed some java on my vMA (for a purpose I'll blogging about later on). First of all getting the JRE. You can download it from
You will need the x64 rpm

I transfered the binary to my vMA via scp, but ofcourse any other method like wget for http transfers or ftp will do.

After I got it on my vMA I chmodded it
chmod +x jre-6u22-linux-x64-rpm.bin.sh
This makes it "executable"

Then I ran the executable
sudo ./jre-6u22-linux-x64-rpm.bin.sh
You will need to enter your password so you can execute the install as root (admin)

When the installation is done, you will need to configure the JAVA_HOME variable. You can do this by executing
sh -c 'echo "export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/latest/" >> /etc/profile'

Logging out and in should then complete the installation

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