Miniblog Series P002 : How do I succesfully open a call at Veeam?

For most vendors opening call is a very annoying and tedious process. Well for Veeam it is actually really easy and I can only recommend just opening a call with every problem you have. Sometimes I will visit people just to hear that they are having a very frustrated problems for months but then when I ask to send me a call number they have never actually opened a call. To be honest, this is a chicken/egg situation. You are not telling Veeam that you have a problem so it impossible for Veeam to solve it.

Collecting Logs

First of all start by collecting the logs. You can do this by going to the main menu. There under help > support information you can start the collection wizard.

When you first start the collection wizard it will ask you to define the scope. I can strongly recommend to do this as this will decrease the size of your log package dramatically. In case you have an error with a certain job, pick the job that is having troubles:

Next step is the Data range. Again limit the amount of days. I would suggest not only including the days with errors but at least to include one day where the job ran successful. This way you can show that the job has ran successfully in the past.

Now just enter a location where you want to save your logs:

In the last step the logs are collected:

Once it is done, you can click the open folder to find your logs:

If the log bundle is smaller then 15 MB you can upload it while opening the call. If the log is bigger there are a couple of things you can do:
  • Just try to upload it during opening the call but you might experience http timeouts. While writing the article I was able to upload a file of 22MB but this really depends on your connection.
  • Don't upload any logs but ask support for an FTP link to transfer your logs when you open the call
  • Open up the log bundle and only upload specific logs. Alternatively split the logs in multiple zip files.

Who is the license owner

I often get the question, which login should I use to open the call. I can recommend to check the license owner and use his account as your support will be associated with it. If you can't find the login you can create a new account and just open a call. Then refer to the license owner so that support can validate your support information.  To find the person who is associated with your license just go to the main menu and click "about" under help.

In the licensee field you see the email address associated with it. Also it might also be a good time to write down the version number you are running, in this case Version : 7.0.764

Alternatively you can find the name by going to the main menu and clicking support information but this won't show the actual email address.

Opening the call

Opening the call can be done via the phone, but actually I prefer to do it via the web portal because it allows you to add additional information or to follow up the status.

First of all you should go to the support portal and sign in with the license owner account or create a new account. The portal can be found here:

Once you log in, validate that your contact details are correct so that support will be able to contact you successfully. You can do this by clicking edit profile in the right column:

Then on the next page you will be able to edit the email address or you phone number. Please double check before you start the process of opening a call.

Once you are happy with the contact detail, just click get support button. It will take you back to the main page where you will be able to click the open ticket button. You can also select the right product directly by clicking "open ticket" next to the licenses you have listed below.

First step is to fill in a title and describe the problem you have. Please also select the correct area where you are living and the severity. You can see response time associated with the severity in the right column.

Now select the product you are having problems with

Then select the version number. You can find the version number in the about window. Check the "who is license owner" if you can't find the about window. I always select English support but there are some other languages available as well. However if you don't mind English, it is good to understand that there are more technical people speaking English then any other languages. Then click next

The portal will now suggest some knowledge base articles. Please consider them. If nothing useful is there, click continue
Now you can attach your logs. First select the kind of issue you have. It will then suggest you to upload the correct/related log files. If your log bundle is big, you could opt to extract the specific file(s) and upload only the suggested log(s). I like to send the bundle because then support will have all the info at once. So select your log/bundle

Once you selected the logs, don't forget to click the upload button. I have made this mistake (not doing it) a hundred times. If you click next without doing it will just tell you that you haven't attached any logs and will ask you that you are sure you want to proceed

Once the logs are successfully submitted you will see the file appear in the uploaded file list

Then click next or upload additional log files. You will get a summary. Validate the fields and push the submit button to open a call.

You should receive a mail now with your ticket details and your call should be open. You should also see it in your support dashboard

Adding extra notes and viewing the status

If you want add additional notes, you can do this via the support dashboard

Just go to the open cases tab at the button and click details next to your ticket
In the next window you should be able to add more details. Also you will be able to follow the status of your case

Escalating the problem

Not a lot of people seem to know this but you can actually escalate a problem yourself. Only do it when you feel it is really necessary. First of all you can request and update via the web portal. Just click request update next to your call

You can also call support. Before you do it, first write the case number. To find the case number, again look at your open case.

Then click the phone support button to find the number you can call for your country

Finally if you feel like support is not helping you can escalate the problem to the support manager. Refer to your case number when contacting the support manager. By clicking the "Talk to a manager" button, your email client should open, creating a new email to the support manager distribution list.

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