RPS 0.3.2

Just a small update (which required some re-engineering under the hood).

First of all, when you click the backup files size, you get a small "pop-window". This will tell you the uncompressed and compressed bandwidth usage over multiple interval. It should help you to understand how much processing power you need for a certain amount of input. The first 2 lines are uncompressed in byte and bit. the second two lines is the data 'compressed' in bit an bits. The columns indicate your time window. Notice that clicking on the full file or the incremental file gives different output so you can check full runs vs incremental runs real easily.

The second feature is available when you click the total file size. It will give you a table overview of the output, which you can easily copy it to excel or calc. The numbers are all in GB so they give a predictable output.

The final feature is a very small one but I really like it because it took literally 10minutes to code but will remove some frustration. During a recent conf call with my colleague Johan Huttenga, I noticed he was struggling with inputting 30Tb of data. He needed to calculate it by multiplying 1024 by 30 to get exactly 30TB and not 29,99 TB. So in this version, you can input 30TB, and it will be automatically converted to "30720". Same for 1PB to "1048576". The input is case insesitive so tb,Tb,TB,pb,PB,pB, etc. should all work. For example, fill in 1TB like shown below

As soon as you push enter, tab to another input or click on the simulate button, the input will be dynamically changed.

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