Veeam Application Report

As many as you know, although Veeam B&R has an agentless approach it still makes sure that all the applications are consistently flushed just before the backup starts. To do this, Veeam B&R leverages VSS. One thing it also does is, it tries to detect what applications are installed in what VM. This data is collected so that during restore, you don't have to figure out which VM is holding what application and where exactly the application database is stored inside of the VM (for example for Exchange, it will detect the path(s) leading to the EDB(s)).

Now a fellow SE colleague requested to add this "application detection" to the main GUI. They wanted to leverage the detection to sort out with VMs have what application installed. Adding it to the main GUI would however make it more complex but you can actually leverage the data via Powershell.

So here is a sample script you can use as a starting point:

It generates a nice clean report with all the VMs that have detected applications (yes even Oracle so it is v9 ready), grouped per application. The output should look something like shown in the screenshot below:


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