RPS 0.3.3

It took some time to release this version because it packs a lot of changes which hopefully makes the tool more useful. This release focuses on more "export" functionality.

So the first major change is that the "Simulate" button has been lowered. This makes more sense as you will probably first put in the info and than run the simulation. But the main reason why it was lowered is the additional export functionality. You will now see a couple of checkbox next to the simulate button.

The first checkbox is the "export" functionality. When you check it and run the simulation, an input field will appear with an URL. If you click somewhere in the field, the complete text should be selected, which you can than easily copy with for example ctrl+c. When you reuse the URL, your simulation will automatically execute with all the previous inputs. This way you can share your simulation without having to screenshot everything. Make sure to push the Simulate button before copy pasting as this will refresh the URL field.

But what if you still want a clean screenshot of the result? I can not tell you how many screenshots I already saw of the RPS output in mails/documentation/etc.. However, screenshotting the output might be challenging. First of all you need specific software to cut it out. Next, if the simulation is longer, you should screenshot multiple times and than concat the result. So in this release I'm introducing "Canvas rendering". This will render the result in an hidden HTML5 canvas and than replace a visible image with a copy of the HTML5 output. The result should be a cleaner output, that you can use in documentation. Also opted to reduce the amount info on the output as dates etc. make little sense when a partner wants to send a result to an end customer.

If you are running Firefox or Chrome, you will be able to save the picture by clicking the Download link. The advantage is that the link will push a formatted name with the current date and time. However if you are not using one of both (like IE or Safari), you should still be able to right click it and save it as picture. The reason why the download link does not work in every browser is because I'm using an unofficial "download" attribute. Let's hope in the future, Edge, IE, Safari, etc. will also support it.

Another new future would be support for Active Full support that was added in Veeam v9. This future required some testing to check if the result made sense. Hopefully I got it right, and I would love to hear your feedback!

Finally, a very small request that has been implemented is Replica support. In this first version, I only added support for VMware, but this might change in the future

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