Compiling martini-cli from source

Just a small post for those wanting to compile martini-cli from source (for example if you want to run the cli from Mac or windows)

First you need to install go(lang) compiler. Depends a bit on the OS but should be straight forward in most case : https://golang.org/dl/ . For Ubuntu, you can just find the package golang in the repository so you can just install it via the packet manager

sudo apt-get install golang

Then once the go  compiler is installed, you can just download the code and compile it with the go command
go get -d github.com/tdewin/martini-cli
go install github.com/tdewin/martini-cli

And that's it! You should now have a binary in go/bin called martini-cli. You can find and edit the src in go/src. Recompiling with the go install.. command. Happy hacking!

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